Notion for Magical Baddies: Creators Cashing In 

next cohort: 11/7-17
A 2-week, highly interactive, live cohort course designed to teach squiggly-brained creatives how to make money off the content they love making. 

-> I’ve already read this page — I’m ready to sign up baaayybeeee!  

You think in TikTok sounds. You daydream in memes.

And sometimes even though you REALLY wish you didn’t, you can’t help but subscribe to ABC...

You can’t help it — content flows out of you like absolute bangers flow out of Cardi B. 

Honestly, you’ve got a natural eye for what makes good content, but you also worked diligently, for a long ass time, to get here.

You were neck-deep in #hashtagresearch in 2018, attempting to conquer the IG algorithm.

(Thank dog we’ve chilled out on follower count since then)

TBT to your blogging years, when you methodically posted every week... and grew your audience by eh, 100 people?

(Does anyone else miss reading old school blogs though? I do 🤚)

Ugh, and who can forget obsessively posting Reels in early 2021???

(At least you were smart and repurposed your old TikToks... we see u 👀)

And all that work got you somewhere — you’ve got a decent little following of devoted internet friends, the time-worn skills to make content with your eyes closed, a healthy respect for the borderline of burnout that you’ve delicately danced on for the last — oh — three years?

And, of course, you’ve got an ever-bubbling cauldron of resentment toward the content you so love to make because IT DOESN’T GET YOU PAID.

that sucks. 

All totally reasonable feels to have when you’re being overconsumed and under-compensated.

But shitty that these feelings are so entertwined with something you genuinely love and are good that — creation.

Especially because you don’t need to feel this way... Because your content? It can get you paid paid 💸 💸 💸

We can thank the pandemic for one thing — content and community have NEVER been more valuable currencies.

Digital courses, online memberships, Patreon, Substack, paid newsletters, digital workshops — honestly, it’s so much more normal to pay for content than it was even year ago.


It’s a lot to navigate though — especially if you have a naturally squiggly brain and tend to, erhm, I dunno, start a project with reckless abandon only to let it languish in the “I’ll Come Back To This Later” zone ad infinitum????

(Guilty as charged)

Which brings me to this alarming stat: Did you know that only 12% of content creators make more than $55k a year? 

Ugh. But also... did I just hear you sigh with relief?

Honestly, it’s a little reassuring to hear that you’re not alone.

Because you’ve been there — it took you weeks to work up the nerve to finally host a live paid workshop over Zoom.

You saved so many inspiration posts in the right color pallet to your IG inspo board.

Hours were spent combing through the perfect templates on Canva, finagling the logo and messing with fonts until you forced yourself to stop tweaking and start posting.

And that’s just the marketing stuff — the actual content?

A full 7-page outline spilled out of you in a hyperfocus brain rant that began unceremoniously at 9p on a Tuesday night in the middle of watching SATC reruns. And damn, was it good. (Of course it was... you’re you.)

But as the date of your workshop (or course, or class, or membership) closes in, you panic — where are all the signups?

Where are all the people that adamantly voted YES when you asked on IG polls if they’d want a live workshop class?

What happened to those people who repost your stories?? Who comment on every post??? Who binge every episode of your podcast????


^^ That 12% stat? Squiggly brained, hyper-creative, super-intuitive content creators can change that. We SHOULD change it.

Because if anyone is perfectly suited to be making $$$$$ off their content, it’s you and your creative squiggly brain.

The thing holding you back from profitable content (emphasis on the profit, baby) isn’t intelligence or copywriting ability or Tiktok lipsyncing skills …

It’s a strategic plan and the insider info of how to DO this in an effective, time-saving, and organized way that actually supports a squiggly, creative, ADHD brain.

Like, with a roadmap that almost runs on autopilot so you can focus all your attention on what you’re good at — making killer content and speaking to your community.

Once you know that, you’re unstoppable.


💯 It’s 100-percent possible to make not just fun-money, but real income from your digital content.

And it’s not necessary to write a new, free (!) 3,000-word blog post every day. Or to make so many IG stories your girlfriends ban your phone from happy hour to make profitable content.  

You don’t need to do ads for skinny tea brands that make you cringe, become yet another microinfluencer affiliate for a zillennial vitamin company, or sell your soul for a brand partnership.

(if you don’t want to! what you do with your soul is your business, not mine.)

Truly profitable content that saves your time and energy — instead of being on that grind grind grind, it allows you to slow down and conserve.

You know that making one powerful piece of evergreen content can be profitable over, and over, and over again. So you put the energy in once … and you see exponential returns on your efforts.

As a lazy ass witch, I love that. I do not dream of labor.

Less work, more cash-money? Sign me up.

Content is a super scalable way to reach and help thousands of people and make your work accessible while you get paid.

In this time, figuring out how we can spread our knowledge and help our communities is massively important.

Also, figuring out how to get you cash-money for what you’re already a badass b*tch at? V v importante.


Your creative, non-linear brain is perfectly suited for making cash-money from content for a few reasons... 


Profitable content is FUN to make!

Sharing your knowledge, deep diving on what you’re an expert in, and seeing others light up and get excited about what you’re passionate about is such a delight.

You pretty much get paid to talk, write, and create around the stuff you already are obsessed with talking about.

And as a squiggly brain person who might have ADHD (you’ve at least joked about it before, right?) it’s actually the dream to get paid to go deep in a research black hole **on your latest hyperfixation topic.

Oh, and because you’re a non-linear thinker you’re amazing at connecting the dots between the topics you love... which makes for insanely interesting and unique content that no one else can replicate 💁‍♀️


Non-linear thinkers (you... me... most of the witchy people we know) aren’t set up to thrive in a 9-to-5 world.

That’s why so many squiggly brained people naturally end up becoming entrepreneurs — they effectively create a space for themselves they can function in.

And because ADHD people tend to live in a procrastinate → overwork → burnout cycle, the idea of passive income that comes from content creation can be really exciting.

The term ‘passive income’ had a hey-day moment a few years ago, and while I'd argue that nothing is truly 'passive'... making digital content like courses, memberships, and paid newsletters are about as close as you can get.

Honestly, it’s a pinch-me moment, when you see you’ve made $99, $299, or $999 literally overnight. Content can help you collapse the timeline and achieve your dream outcomes sooner and with more ease. And it’s not as difficult to set up as you might think.


When you create paid content, you’re able to pack crazy amounts of value into a more accessible package than 1:1 coaching work or consulting.

By getting rid of the barriers that normally stand in the way of people being able to work with you — geography, price, and limited availability — you can help more people.

And because your content is accessible 24/7, you can actually increase your 1:1 in-person rates when people ask for your precious skills and (non-scalable) time!

For ADHD people who get stuck in a cycle of overcommitment → procrastination → burnout, making passive income can be life-changing.

No burnout for you, more help for your community. Win-win.


📄 … maybe you’ve jotted down some ideas in a Google doc or in your notebook or during your Morning Pages exercises.

🧮 … or you’ve thought long and hard about a workshop you’d love to teach, and even got excited when you did the math on how much you’d make if you priced it out and sold your goal number of classes.

🎙️ Dude, you might’ve even already bought the software/recording equipment/domain name/insert that thing you paid good cash-money for here because you figured if you ~invested~ in yourself (read: caused some pain by spending some $$$$) that would light a fire under your butt and start making your Big Brilliant Content  … except that stillllll didn’t motivate you to get started 👎

Here’s why most would-be content creators jump ship before they even set sail: without a super clear, step-by-step, foolproof plan, even the most brilliant creators get lost at sea.

Especially if you have a squiggly, non-linear brain.

You get tripped up by where to start (should I make the content, then build the audience? Or vice versa?), the tech aspects that the experts make look soooo easy, and the confusion around what’s really important about creating quality content that converts.

Eventually, you get so frustrated you just throw your hands up and say, “EVERYONE’S ALREADY MAKING CONTENT, SO I MIGHT AS WELL JUST GIVE UP BECAUSE I’M ALREADY LATE TO THE GAME!”

As a creator navigating trying times, how you invest your energy and attention matters. It has to have a payoff. Because your business deserves to survive the wake of COVID-19 — and thrive for years beyond.

But tbh, many of us don’t have the luxury of time to trail-and-error your way into profitable content.

Making content that people pay you for is one of the things in your business that you kinda need to get right the first time.

Here’s the good news: It doesn’t NEED to take months of trial and error to make profitable content.

But most people get stuck trying to work with a system that doesn’t work for their creative style... and eventually end up abandoning their mission altogether.

Which means two things:

  1. The arena is less crowded than you might think.

  2. If you understand how your squiggly brain works, you can customize a plan to suit your needs

I believe there is always space in the world (and an audience for) someone who shares themselves authentically, bravely, and with a spirit of generosity.

Tack on the know-how to make profitable content that converts? You’ve got it made, pal.

Imagine having content that converts customers at your fingertips ...without getting tripped up overwhelmed by where to start

  • easily ideate, create, and sell your content without stress (with magic!)
  • support your community with uniquely valuable content
  • be supported by a business that aligns with your values and strengths

Not only is all of this possible, we've created the solution to help get you there 10x faster.


next cohort begins november 7, 2023

A 2-week, highly interactive, live cohort course designed to teach squiggly-brained creatives how to make money off the content they love making.

Creators Cashing In has everything you need to: 

  • make digital content like courses, memberships, paid newsletters, and digital downloads that convert
  • use your unique magic to make content that your community will rush to scoop up
  • understand how to spend less energy "hustling" in your business so you can serve your community (and live your life with more ease)

LMK if this sounds like you


🤑 You’ve spent the last few years growing your social followings, thinking it would lead to $$$$ — but now you’re kicking yourself because you realize you have an audience, but no idea how to monetize  

🌀 When you're focused, your work is next-level-going-viral-amazeballs. But there’s basically no telling when your ~focus~ magic is going to hit... and making content consistently (let alone planning a sales? calendar???) is a Sisyphean task. 

🪨 Batching content. Sticking to an editorial calendar. Planning ahead? It just doesn’t seem to work for you and your intuitive work style.  A new plan will stick for a few weeks before eventually it gets abandoned and starts to collect cosmic dust in your mental pile of discarded “Solutions” 

🧨 You really want to make more money from your content. But you already feel SO overwhelmed with what you’re doing now... and it’s not even paying you. You know you can make more, but not if that means working more hours. 

Hi! We made Notion for Magical Baddies: Creators Cashing In for you ︎

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned about growing audiences and building high-converting content for startups, influencers, and brands and channeled it into a course that teaches you the theory and the practice of how to bring profitable content to life.

And as a team of squiggly-brained, ADHD creatives, we UNDERSTAND where you’re coming from. 

We created N4MB: Creators Cashing In to help you monetize your gorgeous non-linear creative process in a way that supports (and doesn’t shame!) your squiggly brain. 

You’ll learn everything you need to know about bringing a piece of profitable content into the world — including what to do after you’ve created it — to make sure that it’s an asset you can use to make a profit for the rest of your creative life.

Notion for Magical Baddies uses three momentum motivators...



Let's be honest — you don't need to sign up for courses, classes, and coaching for the content. The University of Google exists fo' free.

The reason enrolling in a course or hiring a coach is valuable is because it holds you accountable to doing what you said you wanted to do.

For some people, the pain of investing money into something is enough to get them into action.

But for most people with squiggly brains... it's not. Like, we'll definitely be annoyed that we sank $1k into a course that we never took. But we still need extra help to actually show up to the computer, open the course, and review the content. (But once you're there, you're hyperfocused and can power through it at 2x the speed of others)

That's why our classes are live and only 1-hr at a time.

You carve the space out on your calendar.

You show up live with the group.

We ~vibe~

And then you implement what you learn. Say goodbye to saying, "Oh I'll totally watch the replay later," marking the reminder email as unread, and then letting that unwatched video waste away in your inbox for six months until you eventually delete it in a manic fit of inbox clearing at 2a

BRIBERY (rewards!)

We have candy.

Just kidding!


While you ✨might✨ not be motivated by the money you lose on a course you don't take (the reason is something called Sunk Cost Fallacy) you likely WILL be motivated by getting money back.

[it's a weird brain thing, trust me. money in is more exciting/motivating to us.]

How are we using this weird brain re-route in your favor?

When you submit your final project — an original, personalized Notion template — we'll send $100 back to your bank account 🤑

Is this... the first time you're going to actually complete the homework?

Maybe yes 😎


Here's my hot take: Most online courses are not built for squiggly-brained, ADHD, intuitive people.

They focus on getting you the information, not implementation of the knowledge.

But that's where the squiggly-brained amongst us stumble. We hold onto information forever, unsure of how to apply it to our lives. Waiting for the perfect moment, or until we can concentrate with our full attention, or when we have a "free" day (which we never do, because chronically over-scheduling yourself is a part of what you do to keep yourself in momentum)

Notion for Magical Baddies is different.

Live class works like this:
  • Do — every class starts with an active exercise
  • Learn — then we dive into the weekly concept
  • Edit — compare your current process with what you learned, and see what's missing
  • Apply — practical implementation and systems building, together, to help you master the weekly concept

At the end of every live session, we schedule 30 minutes of implementation time for you to play with the concepts you just learned. The momentum that you generate during this time will fuel you to keep going!

Because you know that once you start, you're a force to be reckoned with. It's just the getting started that's hard.

So, what do I get in Notion for Magical Baddies: Creators Cashing In?

  • 6 live classes every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from November 7-17
  • 2 live Lab Sessions
  • Lifetime access to all live lectures, assignments, and reading material
  • Lifetime access to a community filled with your cohort where you will give and receive feedback
  • All Notion templates presented in the course
  • Bonus workshops and guest lectures conducted in the future
  • 8-email Sales Series Swipe File 
  • The Ultimate Sales Page Swipe File 

on the fence?

N4MB: Creators Cashing In isn’t for everyone... but you might be a good fit if you’re a squiggly brained baddie. 


💸 You’ve never made a dollar off of a course, class, workshop, e-book, membership, podcast, blog, or video series (yet!) and you want to absolutely nail it on your first try by using powerful strategy and an easy-to-follow roadmap.

💰 You’ve been struggling to make content that actually converts for months — or maybe years? — but haven’t made the numbers you were hoping for ( you’ve earned <$5k on your content to date)

📆 You have no problem investing a couple of hours a week as long as you know that every bit of energy you put into Creators Cashing In is a strategic and meaningful step towards making your own profitable content that converts

🧠 You definitely relate to having a squiggly brain (see... all of the above) 

♻️ You care about helping as many people as possible and making consistent revenue — not just a flash-in-the-pan source of income. Building profitable content that converts is not a onetime, wham-bam thing. It’s a cumulative process that builds on itself over time, and you want to learn how to make profitable content a major aspect of your business revenue.

🐚 You’re aware of the profitable portals that will open once you invest your energy into content that converts

We built this for people with ADHD in mind.*

Like us! 🙋🏻‍♀️ We've built in features and structures to help squiggly-brained, non-linear thinkers thrive in this course:

  • Live action classes that keep you engaged through cohort participation and by actually doing in class (not just passively watching zoom)
  • Simple instructions, clear checklists, and deadlines
  • Accountability groups to keep you motivated and on track
  • Short cohort period (2 weeks) to keep you focused
  • Reward system for completing the class in real time — I'll refund you $100 when you submit your final project, a plan for your profitable content rollout

*don't have ADD/ADHD? Must be fun. KIDDING. Although it's easier for you to focus, finish, and stay organized, you'll still benefit from the built-in accommodations and motivators!

Here's what you'll learn...


Profitable Content Framework

Key takeaways for this lesson: 
  • The 4-step Profitable Content Framework that works to guide you smoothly to revenue generation from your work, every time
  • Editorial calendar templates and best practices
  • How to Build a Release Runway
  • Growing a Warm, Knowledgeable Audience
  • Viral content tricks we’ve learned from being in the trenches for years — the stuff we love to teach 😎️


To Consume and Be Consumed 

Key takeaways for this lesson:
  • Consumption Cycle → are you being over-consumed?
  • Free vs. Paid Content... You’re making a lot of “free” content that should be... paid
  • The Content Cycle
  • Building Your Email List 
  • Casting Your Ideal Client 
  • Using the Tarot to accelerate your content clarity
  • SWIPE FILE: Email Nurture Sequences


Direct vs. Indirect Paid Content 

Key takeaways for this lesson:
  • The 4 Profitable Content Paths to pick from as you first get started
  • The truth about sponsored content and affiliate content, and how you can leverage both besides the profitable content you create
  • Content membership and subscriptions: Substack, Patreon, membership communities 
  • Keeping your content free for your users (podcasts, emails, blogs, videos) and how to still get paid 
  • Exactly how to pitch yourself to brands and sponsors
  • Landing 4-figure sponsors + email 1-sheet template
  • BONUS: How to sell a PDF product 


The Archetype Journey and Your Paid Content

Key takeaways for this lesson:
  • The surprising reason most people leave membership communities and subscriptions 
  • Your user’s Archetypal Journey, Steps, and Milestones — and what it has to do with your content plan 
  • Using archetypes to craft your content pillars,  build your content calendar, and ideate profitable content products 


The Release Runway

Key takeaways for this lesson:
  • Low-pressure product release and high value sales
  • How to price your direct paid content and indirect paid content (including formulas to help you find the most equitable pricing) 
  • How to market yourself without a full court press on every single platform (yep, you can pick one lane and still be super successful... and it doesn’t have to be Instagram) 
  • The most powerful ways to use conversion copywriting through product launches (and beyond) 


The Secret Sauce 

Key takeaways for this lesson:
  • How to price your products authentically (because second guessing yourself is shitty) 
  • 💸Two Sales Email Sequences that’ve made me tens of thousands in sales that you can copy word for word
  • How to actually package and deliver the content that you’ve given birth to so that your students use it and enjoy it 
  • Building a consistent content schedule (and sticking to it) as an squiggly-brained person when you job depends on it 




✨️ BONUS: Our intro class, Notion for Babies, is included in all purchases of Creators Cashing In! You’ll get instant access so you can start playing with Notion before class starts ︎

Frustration. Bitterness. Anger. ALWAYS BE CREATING