Notion for Magical Baddies: Digital Altars 

next cohort begins November 5, 2022
A 2-day highly interactive, live cohort course designed to teach squiggly-brained intuitive people how to create personalized, magical social media spells and systems that make creating in the Internet Portal more fun, more effective, and more magical.

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To the intuitive, magical, creative, delightful, charmingly talented witch who winces as they swipe to open a social media app because it feels as if they ✨might✨ be stepping into a digital hellmouth through their phone screen/black mirror — I see you.

You groan at the "necessary evil" that is social media.

... every time you scroll through your saved posts, hoping that this time inspiration will bop you on the head like an Italian grandmother with a wooden spoon and you'll come up with the perfect post that excites people and makes sense for your content strategy

... Or you spend 87 minutes deciding whether or not to post that story on a controversial topic, and then when you finally DO, neurotically check your messages hoping no one's dropped negative comment like a fiery bag of dog poop on your digital doorstep

... Or when you waste hours changing hex codes and perfectly aligning photos only to have 34 people "like" the post

... but you get the nagging feeling that you're missing something.

It's not that you haven't tried to make the Internet Portal and sosch meeds a fun, effective part of your business.

Far from it.

  • You pay attention to all the content marketers who tell you to just be yourself, to embrace your quirkiness, to show people you're just in a silly, goofy mood.
  • You've read PLENTY of long-form captions about algorithm changes and how to make your shiz go viral.
  • You've made multiple Editorial Calendars in Trello to keep yourself organized and your posting schedule on track. (RIP to that...)
  • You've seen The Social Dillema, for godsakes! YOU UNDERSTAND THE RISKS AND THE REWARDS!

You 👏 get 👏 it 👏

But you still find yourself in the same place time and time again — sinking into social media ether like it's cartoon quicksand, unable to pull yourself out of the muck.

Scrolling, panicking, freezing, and killing time on apps takes up a lot of mental space in your already crowded mind.

And I know you know I know (huh... OK, yep, yeah, got it) that you're not here to waste energy on that.

Man, can you believe you traded in your god-like omniscience for a quick decade in this lil' human meat suit? And you picked the age of The Internet to do it!? You REALLY wanted to experience the full range of the human experience, my magical friend.

Which begs the question...

Aren't you here to enjoy your sacred work and the human experience whilst doing so?

Seems like part of the gig you signed up for, amigo, is acknowledging your power and using it in connection with these wonderful tools we have at our fingertips. (And in doing so, helping others, natch)

But, please, I know you know this.

It's what you're doing when you practice magic.

But here's the trick — we forget that the Internet Portal is an etheric plane... just like the 3D world.

And it's like the minute we open up these tiny computers in our pockets, we forget how wonderfully powerful we are.

Instead of viewing the Internet Portal as a battleground, remember it's a playground.

You get to play new archetype characters! You get to experiment! You get to create whatever you want! You get to use magic IRL and in the digital ethers!

Oh, did you forget for a little tiny second that you were a MOTHERF*CKING WITCH!?

And that you can cast spells, call on your Spiritual Team, and perform rituals that don't just help you have a more enjoyable experience as a human... but also help you get things done?

Here's the thing:

If you can cast spells in the real world, you can in the digital world, too.

You already know the rules of the game. Time to stop doomscrolling and start playing.


A 2-day highly interactive, live cohort course designed to teach squiggly-brained intuitive people how to create personalized, magical social media spells and systems that make creating in the Internet Portal more fun, more effective, and more magical.

By the end of this course, you'll walk away with an integrated social media strategy system (which creates more time and chill in your life) and an understanding of digital spell casting so can make your time on the internet more ✨magical✨ and more profitable.

LMK if

this sounds like you:

🥵 Your relationship to social media feels chaotic — sometimes it brings you joy, immeasurable pleasure, and connection to incredible people, but other times it feels like it's truly the most toxic element of your life. You're always tap dancing on the edge of overwhelm, and it's not like you to continue an unhealthy power dynamic.

🌊 Making content is something you genuinely enjoy... when it works. You've had some successes, but you still don't feel like you're totally getting it. It's like you catch an energetic wave and ride it, but lose it just as suddenly.

🎭 You're smart, capable, super intuitive, and accomplished! But something about showing up online makes you terrified and activates your Imposter Syndrome. Big yikes. When you even think about showing up online as your freaky authentic self, your butthole clenches up. (In a bad way)

☠️ You understand that social media, email, blogging, TikTok — all the tings — are supposed to fit together like a 5,000-piece puzzle you tried to master during the first month of quarantine. But you feel like you're missing the pieces that bring all this content together in a cohesive way that feels easy, because right now your content strategy is like juggling 15 swords that are on fire whilst blindfolded. STRESSFUL!

🪄You know you could make this experience of the internet more magical. You've seen flickers of it in others, maybe even experienced it for yourself. You also know that you have the capacity for more, and the ol' "the internet is evil!" refrain is just hedging. You just aren't sure how to hold it all.

If you feel personally attacked by the above list 😬 So do we. As a team of people whose livelihoods have relied on us being Extremely Online for years, we each resonate with feeling like social media had power over us in a not-so-cool way...

Personally, I tried every solution to keep myself in a healthy dynamic with social media while using it for work: 

✔️ Winging it and trusting that intuition and Spirit would guide the way. Do we trust Spirit, YES. But when I was anxious about what came next, it was nearly impossible to for my brain to quiet down so I could recognize intuitive hits vs. anxiety heart palpitations. Also, Spirit loves when we get in action. You wouldn't perform a ritual to call in The One and expect your true love to pound down your door while you sit on the couch in your Skims boyshorts and binge RHONY?

✔️ Hyperfocusing and scheduling out every single story, post, and IG live down to the hour. Oh, sweet Jesus juice, don't get me started on content pillars. As someone with ADHD, having a super rigid schedule set me up for failure 100% of the time. Sometimes this system would last for a week, sometimes for a month, but inevitably it'd end up breaking down and getting banished to the Google Doc graveyard.

✔️ Not caring at all/giving it half-ass effort. I mean, you know why this is a shitty solution. Always use your full ass.

✔️ Completely abstaining from showing up on the Internet. Listen, this is a totally viable option. And. AND! If you already tend to have black-or-white thinking, it might be worth investigating ~why~ the middle grey space is uncomfy for you. My ADHD-slash-trauma brain LOVES either-or-thinking and immediately jumps into the all-or-nothing zone... and I know that my next level of evolution (a growth edge, you might say) is usually beyond the "cut that thing/person out of my life forever" stage.

✔️ Telling myself that I was "bad at social media." This is a cool trick you can do on yourself to prevent yourself from getting hurt if you try something new and it doesn't work. Good for the ego in the short term, not good for personal growth and embodying your Sacred Work, IMHO.

And all of these things worked, I suppose, to help with the anxiety and stress and chaos I felt around social media.

But it didn't feel good.

And these tactics certainly didn't match how I approach, well, the entire rest of my life or business.

As a team that's worked in digital content creation for a combined 30 years, we know what it's like to anxiously twiddle your pop socket as you doom scroll.

We've worked at extremely online™️ companies like Giphy and fast-growing tech startups; had insider access to algorithms and SEO hacks; learned how to use Instagram from the Facebook team itself.

And we've seen what happens when you approach the Internet Portal from a different perspective — one that's more magical, more empowering, and more expansive.

That's why our team created Notion for Magical Baddies: Digital Altars and Social Media Systems, a 2-day live cohort class crafted especially with squiggly-brained people in mind that teaches you how to make personalized, magical social media spells and systems for content creation.

Notion for Magical Baddies uses three momentum motivators... 


Let's be honest — you don't need to sign up for courses, classes, and coaching for the content. The University of Google exists fo' free.

The reason enrolling in a course or hiring a coach is valuable is because it holds you accountable to doing what you said you wanted to do.

For some people, the pain of investing money into something is enough to get them into action.

But for most people with squiggly brains... it's not. Like, we'll definitely be annoyed that we sank $1k into a course that we never took. But we still need extra help to actually show up to the computer, open the course, and review the content. (But once you're there, you're hyperfocused and can power through it at 2x the speed of others)

That's why our classes are live and only 1-hr at a time.

You carve the space out on your calendar.

You show up live with the group.

We ~vibe~

And then you implement what you learn. Say goodbye to saying, "Oh I'll totally watch the replay later," marking the reminder email as unread, and then letting that unwatched video waste away in your inbox for six months until you eventually delete it in a manic fit of inbox clearing at 2a


BRIBERY (rewards!)

We have candy.

Just kidding!


While you ✨might✨ not be motivated by the money you lose on a course you don't take (the reason is something called Sunk Cost Fallacy) you likely WILL be motivated by getting money back.

[it's a weird brain thing, trust me. money in is more exciting/motivating to us.]

How are we using this weird brain re-route in your favor?

When you submit your final project — an original, personalized Notion template — we'll send $50 back to your bank account 🤑

Is this... the first time you're going to actually complete the homework?

Maybe yes 😎


Here's my hot take: Most online courses are not built for squiggly-brained, ADHD, intuitive people.

They focus on getting you the information, not implementation of the knowledge.

But that's where the squiggly-brained amongst us stumble. We hold onto information forever, unsure of how to apply it to our lives. Waiting for the perfect moment, or until we can concentrate with our full attention, or when we have a "free" day (which we never do, because chronically over-scheduling yourself is a part of what you do to keep yourself in momentum)

Notion for Magical Baddies is different.

Live class works like this:
  • Do — every class starts with an active exercise
  • Learn — then we dive into the weekly concept
  • Edit — compare your current process with what you learned, and see what's missing
  • Apply — practical implementation and systems building, together, to help you master the weekly concept

At the end of every live session, we schedule 30 minutes of implementation time for you to play with the concepts you just learned. The momentum that you generate during this time will fuel you to keep going!

Because you know that once you start, you're a force to be reckoned with. It's just the getting started that's hard.

So, what do I get in Notion for Magical Baddies: Digital Altars and Social Media Systems?

  • Live BINGEMODE class session on Saturday, November 5th from 9-3p PDT
  • Live Digital Altars Lab session on Sunday, November 6th from 9a-12p PDT 
  • Lifetime access to all live lectures, assignments, and reading material
  • Lifetime access to a community filled with your cohort where you will give and receive feedback
  • Freedom to join every N4MB: Digital Altars live cohort for free, whenever you want
  • Flex office hours with me, Michelle P!
  • All Notion templates presented in the course

☹️ Before Notion for Magical Baddies

✔️ Constant treadmill of anxiety → action → reaction → burnout

✔️ You're overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work you have to do to stay online and reach your people

✔️  Imposter Syndrome rears its head way too often

✔️ You oscillate between posting 16 stories in a day and going totally radio silent, just lurking and chilling behind the screen

✔️ You feel like a failure when batching or pre-scheduling your content doesn't work for you

✔️ You hold yourself back from running with your wild, exciting ideas because you don't trust that you'll be able to see them through

✔️ You stop yourself from promoting your work or selling your services because it makes you feel  icky...

✔️ ... Or you feel like the online persona you've created is a flattened, reductive version of you

✔️ You want to be seen, but you're afraid you might say or do something "wrong" and get called out or publicly dragged

😅 After Notion for Magical Baddies

✔️ No more burnout because you understand how your energy meshes with the Internet Portal

✔️ Your Digital Altar protects you and connects you to your desired outcomes

✔️ You know how to make your content ecosystem work for you — no excess, no redundancies, no wasted content.

✔️ You know exactly what archetypes you can embody when you're feeling doubt in yourself, making Imposter Syndrome obsolete (suck it!)

✔️ You feel confident and empowered in your content cadence

✔️ You know the 40/60 rule for content batching and intuitive content creation

✔️ Your God Mode systems help you make baller plans for your future and execute on them

✔️ You make money from social media because you're in right relationship with your community and because you know how to make content that sells your work without being "salesy"

✔️ Embodying your archetypes makes it instantly clear what to share and what not to share online

✔️ You're safe to be seen because you've protected yourself energetically, you show up in authenticity, and you're impeccable with your word.

We built this for people with ADHD in mind.*

Like us! 🙋🏻‍♀️ We've built in features and structures to help squiggly-brained, non-linear thinkers thrive in this course:

  • Live action classes that keep you engaged through cohort participation and by actually doing in class (not just passively watching zoom)
  • Simple instructions, clear checklists, and deadlines
  • Accountability groups to keep you motivated and on track
  • Short cohort period to keep you focused
  • Reward system for completing the class in real time — I'll refund you $50 when you submit your final project

*don't have ADD/ADHD? Must be fun. KIDDING. Although it's easier for you to focus, finish, and stay organized, you'll still benefit from the built-in accommodations and motivators!

Here's what you'll learn over the two-day intensive



Key takeaways for this class:
  • How to overcome being scared to be seen
  • Boundaries and protection
  • Building a digital altar
  • Feed cleansing
  • Sigils, spells, and choosing social media archetypes


Key takeaways for this class:
  • Using nature as the ultimate anticapitalist system inspo
  • Creating regenerative, supportive, fun content
  • Connecting content strategies across platforms
  • Building a cohesive strategy dashboard in Notion
  • Batching vs. creating content in real time, intuitively (and when to do each)
  • Content pillars and your promotions calendar


Key takeaways for this class:
  • Creating an ideas board that grows
  • Finding Images, creating a database of images that feel like your vibe, and curating them until you have your capsule collection
  • Programs we use, and how to create your own templates/edit hacks for existing ones


Key takeaways for this class:
  • Bringing the magical and the material together
  • Rapid prototyping as a tool to fight perfectionism
  • Staying inspired with:
    • Second Brain
    • Tarot



Key takeaways for this session:
  • Implementation of Saturday’s concepts
  • Crafting content pillars 
  • Q+A with Michelle 

🔮 But wait, aren't you ghouls the intuitive business, do-witchy-shit people?

Yes, champ, we are.

The cool thing about being a magical intuitive, psychic witch is that it's not actually antithetical to being a person who also makes things and puts them out into the world.

In fact, isn't that like ... exactly what a spell is?

Isn't that ... what practicing magic is?

Taking an idea, an energy, a spark, and using your personal power and the energy at your disposal to transform it into your desired outcome?

And don't witches write down their spells, track the cycles of the moon, and develop a sense of what they're capable of through systematic practice?

IDK, creating systems sounds pretty witchy to me 😈

Want to be a witch who's responsible for her personal power and energy? Time to get your systems on lock, baddie.