Notion for Magical Baddies: Magical Monetization  

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An interactive 1-week live cohort course for squiggly brain intuitives and creatives who want to find the gold in their natural rhythms and fascinations without working all the time.

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To those with a keen and knowing eye, the apartment is littered with evidence.

The plastic bag spilling out of the closet, filled with half-completed crocheted beverage cozies.

A stack of never-sold zines sitting on the bookshelf, created and printed in a frenzy over a particularly brutal month in the early pandemic.

An excess of 1 ounce dropper jars, secured 500 at a time from Amazon, meant to eventually house essential oil blends, or garden flower essences, or the herbal tincture concoctions you couldn’t stop making a few months ago.

And that’s just the physical evidence.

... what about the abandoned, half-started Squarespace websites (at least 2)?

... the optimistically-secured digital courses on Procreate, or designing logos, or making “pocket products” (hey, you can write them off, right...)?

... the domain names purchased after a late night idea took hold (too many to count)?

You don’t need to be an opium-huffing Sherlock Holmes to connect the dots — we’re looking at a Squiggly Brained Underearning Overmonetizer.

Listen — your intentions are good.

Of course.

Your inclination to take something you love — drawing, designing, crocheting, needlepoint, ceramics, songwriting, quilt-making, photography — and raise the stakes on it by upgrading it from casual hobby zero to SUPER SIDE HUSTLE ONE HUNDRED 💯 is actually your unconscious trying to hack your brain into staying focused on something you know you really enjoy. 

🧠 It’s a classic squiggly brain thang... You’re not broken, you just naturally need more pressure, more excitement, more stress, more procrastination to get into action.


And you can probably see that this isn’t just a cute little ✨quirk✨  that simply leads to wasting a bit of cash on surplus domain names and Squarespace sites. 

This cycle perpetuates a degenerative relationship to abundance and resource...

-> -> ->

  1. Pick up a hobby to relieve your work stress, realize you’re really good at it (duh)
  2. Look at your bank account, realize you need more cash
  3. Decide to monetize said hobby
  4. Spend money to “monetize” it
  5. Get stressed because you maybe didn’t think this whole thing through, and you didn’t wake up to millions in your bank account overnight after soft-launching your beanie-making business on Etsy to your 7 followers ...
  6. Start a new hobby to relieve stress from the new side hustle
  7. “Wait! I should monetize this!”
  8. Scramble to set up side hustle number two and forget about side hustle number one...
  9. And the cycle continues


Staying in this cycle proves to your brain that making money is hard (it doesn’t have to be) and that you have to work more to make more money (no you don’t) and that if you’re good at something you need to make it your work (uhm, ew, capitalism brainwashing scam alert!)

A huge mistake that most squiggly-brained people make?

In their attempt to monetize everything they do, they actually sabotage their earning capabilities. You don’t have to monetize everything!


Hobbies are sexy!

Art is important!

You do not need to work all the time.

You do not need to work all the time.

You do not need to work all the time.

You do not need to work all the time.

You must live. And make. And experience. And taste. And find pleasure. And rest. And stumble. And be bad at things. And not rush. *snaps snaps snaps*

Was that... slam poetry? Yes. No. Maybe 🙃

We try to monetize everything we do because we:

  1. Feel like we aren’t earning enough (if you feel this way, you probably aren’t)

  2. Think the only way to prevent ourselves from dropping the ball on yet another brilliant, this-time-is-different plan is to make it a business... which leads to burnout and said ball getting dropped anyways

💸 The solution to healing money trauma and creating abundance has to go hand-in-hand with understanding why your squiggly brain loves this cycle (hint: dopamine! norepinephrine!) and with seeing new potentials for how you can do your Sacred Work ethically, and get paid.

💰 There’s not one pathway to breaking through the abundance gates. It’s not just mindset work, it’s not just learning practical application of business ideas, it’s not just accountability.

It’s all of the above, remixed together.

That’s what Notion for Magical Baddies: Magical Monetization is all about

Find the gold in your natural rhythms and turn what you do into work streams OR play, while prioritizing what to monetize and when, building financial security.

Learn how to stay on the right financial and energetic track... how to notice when you’re out of alignment, and how to immediately pivot.

Step out of the way to allow yourself to be seen and — gasp! — perceived by other people, so they actually buy your stuff.

Feel confident and not scared when it comes to money and your ability to earn it, keep it, and grow it.

Let me know if any of this sounds... familiar 👀

☑️ You regularly find yourself annoyed that you’ve spent hours on a task that doesn’t lead to actual impact. You know it’s time to switch thinking to high-value tasks... you just have a hard time figuring out what those are.

☑️ You’re trying to wring financial “value” out of every. single. thing. you do. But it means you’ll step over a dollar to pick up a nickel. And you’re still friggen’ broke.

☑️ You know you’re an underearner and you’re sick of it.

☑️ You realize you don’t have a lot of actual hobbies, because just scraping by has taken so much of your attention.

☑️ You worry that getting rid of products that are doing marginally well for you but are costing you too much emotionally is a mistake (it’s not! ENERGETICALLY!)

☑️ You worry that you don’t have a ✨ thing✨ that people actually want (lol u do trust me)

☑️ You’re exhausted all the time, because trying to be a money-making machine is not human!

☑️ You’re detached from your work, your Work, and your why

☑️  Your inner artist is screaming at you

☑️ You have no time to talk about anything but work and you’re realizing that you’re very boring at parties

☑️ You want more downtime!

☑️ You like the idea of the promise of income that feels easier, less like you’re trying to convince someone to buy something, less like you’re trying to force it

☑️ You would like to make more money but do less work

If you’re like, yes yes, this could basically be my Bumble profile, welcome to the club, baddie.

We made Notion for Magical Baddies: Magical Monetization for you. Mostly because we made the thing that we wished someone had given us 5 years ago.

I’m Michelle 👋

and I too am a multi-hyphenate-everything-loving-should-i-start-a-business-from-this bitch. She who owneth too many random urls. Keeper of 14 instagram handles “just in case”. You get it.

AND I’m an artist who didn’t want to monetize every element of her life.

Monetizing something doesn’t make me successful, or mean that I’m better at that thing just because I can make money from it.

In fact, sometimes it makes me resent the things I love.

I’ve had the good fortune of building a life that suits my pleasures and my disposition. I work, yes, but I play a lot too. I only do things I love. I follow what’s interesting to me. And I believe that is actually capitalism critical and ACTUALLY how we self-actualize. Our work is not always our Work... but sometimes it’s a tiny part of it.

I believe in Shadow Work, past life regression, therapy, channelling, and pulling tarot cards to help break through unconscious walls that come up around abundance, resource, and worthiness.

And sometimes our beliefs around money and wealth cannot be unprogrammed through self-talk — we need evidence of how this it is not true (or at least not 100% true) by seeing examples in real life.

Learning about passive income strategies might break a scarcity spell faster than shadow work could.

Neither is better or worse!

Different strategies work for different people, but one thing is clear — what you’re doing now is not working, right?

The thing about squiggly brained people is that we need to see all the pieces from a high level perspective in order to fit the puzzle pieces together in a way that makes sense for us and our unique brains.

It’s actually a gift, these non-linear brains.

They help us solve problems that normal people can’t even begin to see the answers to.

So you might not even know yet what you want out of this course — you just know that you want to work less, make more money, and find more alignment with your natural rhythms and gifts.

But there’s no way you’re going to walk away from this class without changing SOMETHING about how you relate to money for the better.

💭 Either your mindset and unconscious beliefs around money will shift...
🗺 Or you’ll have a step-by-step blueprint to use when you’re ready to ideate, create, test, and launch a product...
💸 Or you’ll get your hands on a fool-proof game plan for how to run a passive income business...

Or D., all the above.


This cohort will teach you how to be WAY better at money from a few angles:

  • Why budgets don’t work for squiggly brain people (and what works instead, which is a combo of making more money and not budgeting)
  • How to find your unique intersection that makes you irresistible to hire and pay
  • Why energetically you shouldn’t monetize everything
  • How to make THE RIGHT product that sells
  • And how to actually use and implement passive income strategies

We built our Notion for Magical Baddies cohorts for people with ADHD in mind.*

Like us! 🙋🏻‍♀️ We've built in features and structures to help squiggly-brained, non-linear thinkers thrive in this course:
  • Live action classes that keep you engaged through cohort participation and by actually doing in class (not just passively watching zoom)
  • Simple instructions, clear checklists, and deadlines
  • Accountability groups to keep you motivated and on track
  • Short cohort period (4 days!) to keep you focused
  • Reward system for completing the class in real time

*don't have ADD/ADHD? Must be fun. KIDDING. Although it's easier for you to focus, finish, and stay organized, you'll still benefit from the built-in accommodations and motivators!

And we built Magical Monetization for a few people in particular.

🧠 Squiggly brained baddies
💡 Non-linear business builders
✨ Creative intuitives with a penchant for burnout

So, what do I get in Notion for Magical Baddies: Magical Monetization?

  • 4 hour-long live classes from 8/22-25 at 3:30p PDT
  • 2 live lab question-and-answer sessions on 8/29 and 9/1 at 3:30p PDT
  • After N4MB: Magical Monetization’s live cohort is complete, you’ll spend the next 30 days ideating, creating, and launching your new product out into the world with our self-study Heroic Imperfect Action Challenge plan
  • Lifetime access to all live lectures, assignments, and reading material
  • Lifetime access to a community filled with your cohort where you will give and receive feedback
  • Freedom to join every N4MB: Magical Monetization live cohort for free, whenever you want
  • Flex office hours with me, Michelle P!
  • All Notion templates presented in the course

Once you understand how to monetize the right stuff (and get practical application for that inside of Notion) you'll have more brain space and literal time to prioritize what matters to you — your family, your dreams, your spiritual practice, your vintage Beanie Baby collection. Take your pick.

Here's what you'll learn over the four-day live cohort sessions:



Key takeaways for this class:
  • Why having lots of disparate interests is a superpower
  • Extended Mind Theory for your expanded mind
  • How to decide what “needs” to be monetized
  • Prioritize what to monetize to build financial security



Key takeaways for this class:
  • Embodying your Wealth Archetypes to collapse timelines
  • Preparing your nervous system for wealth work
  • Finding your unique intersection
  • Magical monetization through well-tested product creation



Key takeaways for this class:
  • The truth about passive income strategies
  • The role of SEO and content in passive income products
  • An easy-to-implement passive income system
  • Other “passive” income strategies that work



Key takeaways for this class:
  • Why budgets don’t work for squiggly brains
  • Profit First method
  • Using energetic money minimums to engineer your projections

NOTION TEMPLATES: How Am I Making Money Dashboard, Circular Sales Calendar, Value-able Tasks Calculator



After N4MB: Magical Monetization’s live cohort is complete, you’ll spend the next 30 days ideating, creating, and launching your new product out into the world.

Follow the daily prompts of our Heroic Imperfect Action Challenge to implement what you’ve learned in class and magically monetize a killer product.

🔮 But wait, aren't you guys the intuitive business, do-witchy-shit people?

Yes, champ, we are.

The cool thing about being a magical intuitive, psychic witch is that it's not actually antithetical to being a person who also makes things and puts them out into the world.

In fact, isn't that like ... exactly what a spell is?

Isn't that ... what practicing magic is?

Taking an idea, an energy, a spark, and using your personal power and the energy at your disposal to transform it into your desired outcome?

And don't witches write down their spells, track the cycles of the moon, and develop a sense of what they're capable of through systematic practice?

IDK, finding the gold in your natural rhythms sounds pretty witchy to me 😈

Want to be a witch who's responsible for her personal power and energy? Sounds segg-sy, no?


Notion for Magical Baddies: Magical Monetization

This is a live cohort course, and space is limited (but the magic you create isn’t!)
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