Notion for Magical Baddies: System Spells

next cohort begins May 14, 2024 
A 2-week highly interactive, live cohort course designed to teach squiggly-brained people how to create personalized, intuitive systems that make life easier, less cluttered, and more magical. Duh.


Tuesday May 21 — 8-9a PDT [CLASS #1]
Wednesday May 22 — 8-9a PDT [OPTIONAL LAB]

Thursday May 23— 8-9a PDT [CLASS #2]
Saturday May 24 — 8-9a PDT [OPTIONAL LAB]

Tuesday May 28 — 8-9a PDT [CLASS #3]
Wednesday May 29 — 8-9a PDT [OPTIONAL LAB]

Thursday May 30 — 8-9a PDT[CLASS #4]
Saturday June 1 — 8-9a PDT [OPTIONAL LAB]

-> I’ve already read this page — I’m ready to sign up baaayybeeee!  

Remember the last thing that piqued your interest? That got you *excited*excited.

An idea that screeched into your prefrontal cortex and left its hazards on, waiting for you to climb in and put the pedal to the metal?

Maybe you dreamed of learning how to use Ableton, so you could produce songs and channel your inner Jack Antonoff.

Or you got trapped on Tiktok's house reno algorithm, and got inspired you to swap out all of your kitchen cabinet hardware and give the whole room a new paint job.

Oh, or you've been sitting on this dreamy idea for an intuitive business... you've bought the URL, you've saved a dozen fonts on Creative Market, made the Pinterest brand mood board... but you haven't pulled the trigger. Yet.

Some invisible force clotheslined you and stopped you in your tracks.

It wasn't that you suddenly lost interest.

Far from it.

But there was something in your unconscious that said,

"No, you can barely survive right now, adding anything else onto our plate will obliterate us. Like, RIP me." ︎

So you set your dreams of being the next Lorde on a metaphorical shelf in your mind, kick the kitchen project down the road while the fixtures you impulse-ordered collect dust, or stay at the job that doesn't fulfill you but pays the bills (barely).

(OK, I may have unwittingly made your unconscious seem like an asshole — I promise, it's not.) 

It's actually a very helpful ally. It's keeping you from absolutely losing your shit and reaching peak-burnout. That's good! ︎

Here's the trick — we're just not using our unconscious to our benefit. You gotta make it work for you*, you get me?*

Because if we create intuitive, intelligent systems that we can trust and rely on, our unconscious will know that we can handle more. We won't crumble under pressure, because we've got a system that supports us.

So we'll start writing that banger, picking out paint colors, and making moves to reveal our baby biz to the world.

And while it may sound simple on paper — "just create a system!" — it's anything but for intuitive, non-linear, INTELLIGENT, squiggly-brained people.

If that's you (hi, welcome!) let me tell you something that will change your damn life:


Stop treating your beautiful, brilliant brain like a cobweb-laden garage.

Clear out the physical, spiritual, and mental clutter to create a deeper capacity for intuitive, magical, highly creative thinking.

Good systems should make you feel like you're riding down a mountain in the bobsled with the team from Cool Runnings (from the end of the movie, obvi) — they easily stay on track, offer a super fast and super smooth ride, and make you feel like the most comfortable version of yourself.

But most of the time, we try to apply systems that don't work for us to our lives... because someone else, with a brain that is NOT like ours, built them.

Stop copying other people's stuff.

(There's a reason it's not working for you, and it's not because you're lazy, stupid, or unmotivated. Like... have you met you??? You're obviously none of those things.)

Unlock how your brain works and you've got the key to creating seamless systems that stick forever.


A highly interactive, live cohort course designed to teach squiggly-brained people how to create personalized, intuitive systems that make life easier, less cluttered, and more magical. Duh.

By the end of this course, you'll walk away with an understanding of how to create personalized workflows and systems that have longevity and utility, so you have more time to make your life ✨magic✨

LMK if

this sounds like you:

🥵 You're smart, capable, super intuitive, and accomplished! From the outside, it looks like you've got it all together. But sometimes feel like you're barely keeping everything together with the most delicate, fragile string... and your fear of chaos crashing down around you keeps you up at night. Like literally, your anxiety is through the roof.

🌀 When you're focused, you do amazing work. But it's so hard to get yourself into the elusive ~zone~ ... you're juggling a rapid-fire email inbox, slack messages from colleagues, normal life admin (when was the last time you booked a doctor's appointment?), AND trying to have a social life that doesn't look like the personal calendar of a 79-year-old retiree.

📚 You've got lists on lists on lists inside of random notebooks. Your desk is cluttered with rogue sticky notes. And your to-do's are just never-ending... you dream of the day that you'll check everything off your list and be done, but you fear that's just a fever dream... like the promise of waterproof eyeliner that doesn't contain toxic chemicals, or male birth control.

☠️ You have a doom pile somewhere in your house. Maybe it's the chair next to your bed where your not-quite-dirt-not-quite-clean clothes live. Maybe it's the drawer in your kitchen that's actually a portal to a black hole. Maybe it's that stack of books and unopened mail that lives permanently on your dining room table that you just... eat around.

🧨 You know that you're tap dancing on the precipice of overwhelm, and you're at your limit. But, you also know that you have the capacity for more. You just aren't sure how to hold it all.

I'm raising my hand here, too, because this? It me 🤚 This is me when I try to use the same tactics and systems that work for normal, linear, logical thinkers. When I tried to be like everyone else, I felt like such a failure.

So I modified my behavior so I could "keep up": 

✔️ I created extremely high-stress situations to fear-monger myself into motivation and consistency. This meant running up against last-minute deadlines constantly, taking "fun" hobbies and turning them into mini side-hustles (oh my god, no, I do not need to sell my homemade cashew milk at the farmer's market, jeeeez). Part of me hated that I had to be so extreme about everything, but I didn't know any other way to stay consistent... and I was deeply ashamed of expanding my graveyard of abandoned projects and hobbies.

✔️ I tried every productivity product under the sun. Spent way too much money on planners the size of a small child, only to abandon them a few weeks later, and just feel stupid that I couldn't figure out how to make them work for me.

✔️ I shut off my intuition so I could focus on the practical stuff. Because my mind worked so hard to hold onto ideas, to-do's, and action steps, I couldn't let go and let me intuition speak to me. I felt that I had to pick — either be intuitive and totally impotent, or shut off your connection to Spirit so you don't get distracted as you're trying to get things done.

✔️ I accepted that I was either a selfish, lazy, messy, unreliable person who was bad with money... Even though that wasn't who I wanted to be (or knew myself to be) I forgot to send birthday presents, let clean clothes languish in the hamper, paid parking tickets late, and let half of my dreams fall by the wayside, because I couldn't keep up with them.

✔️ ... or that I was a difficult, rigid perfectionist. Because I knew I could get things done if I did them just so, but that was not the normal way that other people worked and lived and operated. I figured I was just a "lone wolf," doomed to be and work alone forever.

And honestly, this stuff^^^ worked

I basically kept up (although I absolutely could not find balance... I was either ovaries to the wall chugging away at work, or living the social butterfly life of my dreams, there was no in-between).

But it didn't feel good.

Many intuitive, non-linear thinkers and creators struggle to make the systems that work for other people so easily even function for them.

They end up sacrificing the dimensions of themselves that are sparkly and magical and wonderful as they cram a fraction of who they are into a system that was never meant to help someone like them.

As a highly intuitive person with ADHD, I found that when I understood my unique needs and motivations and the principles behind creating smooth-sailing systems, I could make personalized systems that made my life easier, more joyful, and more fun.

After teaching +15k intuitive entrepreneurs and creators over the last four years, I've seen so many people who have brains just like me who struggle to actually execute on their Sacred Work because they don't have systems to support them. 

😎 That's why our team created Notion for Magical Baddies, a 4-day live cohort class crafted especially with squiggly-brained people in mind that teaches you how to make personalized systems that work for you, using the frame of Notion. 

Notion for Magical Baddies uses three momentum motivators... 


Let's be honest — you don't need to sign up for courses, classes, and coaching for the content. The University of Google exists fo' free.

The reason enrolling in a course or hiring a coach is valuable is because it holds you accountable to doing what you said you wanted to do.

For some people, the pain of investing money into something is enough to get them into action.

But for most people with squiggly brains... it's not. Like, we'll definitely be annoyed that we sank $1k into a course that we never took. But we still need extra help to actually show up to the computer, open the course, and review the content. (But once you're there, you're hyperfocused and can power through it at 2x the speed of others)

That's why our classes are live and only 1-hr at a time.

You carve the space out on your calendar.

You show up live with the group.

We ~vibe~

And then you implement what you learn. Say goodbye to saying, "Oh I'll totally watch the replay later," marking the reminder email as unread, and then letting that unwatched video waste away in your inbox for six months until you eventually delete it in a manic fit of inbox clearing at 2a


BRIBERY (rewards!)

We have candy.

Just kidding!


While you ✨might✨ not be motivated by the money you lose on a course you don't take (the reason is something called Sunk Cost Fallacy) you likely WILL be motivated by getting money back.

[it's a weird brain thing, trust me. money in is more exciting/motivating to us.]

How are we using this weird brain re-route in your favor?

When you submit your final project — an original, personalized Notion template — by April 30th, we'll send $100 back to your bank account 🤑

Is this... the first time you're going to actually complete the homework?

Maybe yes 😎


Here's my hot take: Most online courses are not built for squiggly-brained, ADHD, intuitive people.

They focus on getting you the information, not implementation of the knowledge.

But that's where the squiggly-brained amongst us stumble. We hold onto information forever, unsure of how to apply it to our lives. Waiting for the perfect moment, or until we can concentrate with our full attention, or when we have a "free" day (which we never do, because chronically over-scheduling yourself is a part of what you do to keep yourself in momentum)

Notion for Magical Baddies is different.

Live class works like this:
  • Do — every class starts with an active exercise
  • Learn — then we dive into the weekly concept
  • Edit — compare your current process with what you learned, and see what's missing
  • Apply — practical implementation and systems building, together, to help you master the weekly concept

At the end of every live session, we schedule 30 minutes of implementation time for you to play with the concepts you just learned. The momentum that you generate during this time will fuel you to keep going!

Because you know that once you start, you're a force to be reckoned with. It's just the getting started that's hard.

So, what do I get in Notion for Magical Baddies: System Spells?

  • 8 hours of class sessions [9/23, 24, 30, 10/1 @ 9a-11a PDT] + 2 lab sessions 
  • Lifetime access to all live lectures, assignments, and reading material
  • Lifetime access to a community filled with your cohort where you will give and receive feedback
  • All Notion templates presented in the course
  • Bonus workshops and guest lectures conducted in the future
  • Lifetime access to the Notion for Magical Baddies Template Library

☹️ Before Notion for Magical Baddies

✔️ Constant treadmill of anxiety → action → reaction → burnout

✔️ You often get stuck in the middle of projects and ideas, unsure how to keep the momentum going

✔️ Everything. Feels. Difficult.

✔️ You oscillate between manic cleaning and organization spells and months of letting mental and physical clutter pile up

✔️ You feel constantly behind, and use weekends and late nights to catch up

✔️ You hold yourself back from running with your wild, exciting ideas because you don't trust that you'll be able to see them through

✔️ You feel shame that you can't just "be normal" and work like other people

✔️ Or you think that you're just not meant to bring your own ideas to life because you don't have the capacity to do so, so you're waiting on other people to see your vision and potential

✔️ You consistently over-schedule yourself and bite off more than is reasonable for you to complete

😅 After Notion for Magical Baddies

✔️ You have the framework to build intuitive systems that work for your unique brain and genius

✔️ Your systems give you a straight-shot fast-track to finishing what you start, even when you're not sure about the next steps

✔️ You have less work to do because your systems support your workflow

✔️ You have a regular weekly cadence and ritual for clearing out the mental and physical clutter

✔️ You take time to rest and recover, and can fully relax your brain when you're off

✔️ You give yourself permission to dream bigger, wilder, crazier, because you trust yourself and your vision

✔️ You know that you can make anything you want to come to life, and you also know how to work with others (and energy) to reach your desired outcome

✔️ You get complimented on your self-honoring boundaries

✔️ You're impeccable with your word, doing what you said you'd do when you said you'd do it

We built this for people with ADHD in mind.*

Like us! 🙋🏻‍♀️ We've built in features and structures to help squiggly-brained, non-linear thinkers thrive in this course:

  • Live action classes that keep you engaged through cohort participation and by actually doing in class (not just passively watching zoom)
  • Simple instructions, clear checklists, and deadlines
  • Accountability groups to keep you motivated and on track
  • Short cohort period (2 weeks) to keep you focused
  • Reward system for completing the class in real time — I'll refund you $100 when you submit your final project, an original Notion template, to our Notion for Baddies Template Library

*don't have ADD/ADHD? Must be fun. KIDDING. Although it's easier for you to focus, finish, and stay organized, you'll still benefit from the built-in accommodations and motivators!

Here's what you'll learn over the two-day intensive


Key takeaways for this lesson:
  • Good systems require the least amount of work possible
  • Work styles shape system structures
  • I've gotten honest with myself and defined which systems are not working for me, and which ones I want to focus on personalizing in this cohort
  • We need a containers for my life, projects, ideas, practices, and dreams
  • I understand what my life will look like if I have containers — free, amazing, wonderful, not stressful


Key takeaways for this lesson:
  • A good system is flexible and supports your next action
  • Most projects (organization-wide or personally) fail or experience issues because there's distraction from next actions, or no next actions associated with a goal
  • When you're trying to remember what comes next, you don't have freedom to be creative or intuitive


Key takeaways for this lesson:
  • Creativity, inspiration, and faster work happen when you use reference material (never write from a blank page)
  • There's no point in saving something or writing it down if we never reference it again (something ADHD people love to do!) → OOSOOM
  • Build triggers and strategic rituals for healthy energetic flow in your digital and IRL spaces


Key takeaways for this lesson:
  • Building interdependent systems for success and health
  • Dashboarding
  • Beautification and finagling
  • Getting back on the wagon when you inevitably slip up

🔮 But wait, aren't you ghouls the intuitive business, do-witchy-shit people?

Yes, champ, we are.

The cool thing about being a magical intuitive, psychic witch is that it's not actually antithetical to being a person who also makes things and puts them out into the world.

In fact, isn't that like ... exactly what a spell is?

Isn't that ... what practicing magic is?

Taking an idea, an energy, a spark, and using your personal power and the energy at your disposal to transform it into your desired outcome?

And don't witches write down their spells, track the cycles of the moon, and develop a sense of what they're capable of through systematic practice?

IDK, creating systems sounds pretty witchy to me 😈

Want to be a witch who's responsible for her personal power and energy? Time to get your systems on lock, baddie.




Tuesday May 21 — 8-9a PDT [CLASS #1]
Wednesday May 22 — 8-9a PDT [OPTIONAL LAB]

Thursday May 23— 8-9a PDT [CLASS #2]
Saturday May 24 — 8-9a PDT [OPTIONAL LAB]

Tuesday May 28 — 8-9a PDT [CLASS #3]
Wednesday May 29 — 8-9a PDT [OPTIONAL LAB]

Thursday May 30 — 8-9a PDT[CLASS #4]
Saturday June 1 — 8-9a PDT [OPTIONAL LAB]